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Born Free - My Life In Gyrocopters

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Table of Contents


Author’s Note

1 In The Beginning
2 Flying
3 Blue Angel
4 Flying Blue Angel
5 Getting Going
6 Gus
7 Marilyn
8 Powered Trainers
10 Students
11 Panic Attack
12 Untrained Pilots
13 Discrimination
14 Intro Ride Day
15 Lessons In Judgment
16 Reflections
17 Becoming A Movie Star
18 Challenges
19 Family, Alden, Linda, Dave, Coby, Donna
20 In The End
21 Pioneer Award

Apendix A
Thoughts by Experts and Friends
Adrian Bettye Booth
Stephamie Gremminger
Shirley Jennings
Jerrie Barnett
Bobby Bettis
Lee Bradshaw
Robert Ensing
Stu Fields
Adam Goad
Larry Neal
John Phillips
Bill Piper
Teddy Udala
Chuck Vanek
Jim Vanek

Appendix B
Articles by Marion Springer
Becoming a Movie Star
Density Altitude
Eating the Elephant
Grant me Patience
In Pursuit of a Gyroplane CFI Rating
Lessons In Judgment
Little Things Mean a Lot
Miles Across the Desert
Safety Formula


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